Preternatural Letters

Dear Sire,

My story may sound strange to you but please don’t take it as a prank for I really need help. On my way from work six months ago I happen to pick up a girl and took her home. She refused to leave the next morning so I went to work and asked her to lock up when she feels ready to leave. I came home to meet her there again and because she had cleaned my room, washed my cloths and cooked dinner I allowed her to stay one more day. Without intending to I got used to having a woman at home when  I got back from work.

She was a fun girl and I could talk to her about everything. She listened attentively to all I said and we got on very well. She wasn't one to ask for more money than I gave her and the months I spent with her were the best ever for me financially. All was going well for us then I came home one day to see she wasn’t around and yet everything had been set to order. I waited for her but she didn’t come home. I love her and it’s been 2 weeks since she went away. I never met any of her friends or family so I have no one to ask. I don’t think I can live without her. What do you advice I do?


  F B C


Dear Sire,
My wife of 23 years died five month ago and I was so lonely till I came home one day to find a cat in our bed watching her favorite TV program. Initially I was scared to find a cat in a room I had locked before going out but just then the spirit told me not to be. I haven't been lonely since then and each day I'm in a hurry to get home and feed my wife.
That is until a week ago when I noticed she is acting strangely. Susan just wants to sleep after eating and she's always stretching. I try talking to her about my day and all she does is pur and stretch. Why has she stopped cleaning the house like she used to and I have to do everything by myself? What do you think is wrong with Susan?

My Love Nunoo


Dear Sire,
If you are to ask me if I’ll marry the last woman  I kissed I’ll be at a loss for I don’t even know her name. The thing is, I’ve kissed many women but none of them have been people I love or care about or even know for that matter. 

Like clockwork I fall asleep whenever I am in a public transport and each time I wake it’s because someone has slapped me. Each time that happens everyone asks me why I did that and in the beginning I always asked “what did I do?” but after five years of getting slapped by total strangers I no longer ask.

Whenever I fall I sleep in a car I just happen to kiss the nearest woman by me. My lips always finds it way to the face of any woman close by. The last woman I kissed might also have been sleeping for we actually had a lip to lip encounter but she woke first and slapped me. It isn’t my intention to do these things  but it just happens, is there anything you can do or give me to cure me of this disease? Thank you for any help you can offer me.

Bismark Bowman


Dear Sire,

I have been in a relationship with a woman for 2 years and I love her a lot. I'm 26 whiles she's 24 years. We both sell on the streets but she makes more money than I do because she sells food and I sell recharge cards. All she ever gives me is food but she requires that I give her all she wants.

From day one of the relationship it has been my responsibility to buy her cloths and everything. She tells me she needs me to buy everything, for she is saving her money for a rainy day. She saves 300 cedis ever week whiles I sometimes make just 300 a month but it's still my job to cater for her every need.

Can I trust her and do we have a future? She doesn't even allow me to touch her phone but she is always checking thru mine, has she got secrets? And what rainy day is she saving for, what will happen if I stop spending money with her? I asked her why she is saving her money and I don't get to save mine and she told me that if I can't provide for her I should tell her for she doesn't want to waste her life with a loser. 

Do you think she loves me? What I find so annoying about her behavior is that she that since she moved to my house we have never had sex and it's close to 18 months now, she always says she has this or that pain. Is she also cheating on me?

Nana Yaw


Dear Sire,

After reading your last post I too feel confident to share my small problem with you, I think you are capable of helping me. I think my problem started when I went to high school - I met a boy and we fell in love, we were in the same class so it was easy to always be together. We promised to love each other forever but we somehow lost contact after school for we lived in different regions and there was nothing like mobile phones or email back then. 

I got married later in life to another man and we have 3 boys but I wonder if the children belong to my husband or to the boy I loved in school! My friends from my school days suspect that I am cheating on my husband with our school mate. The thing is that all three boys don't look like my husband who is supposed to be their father but rather look like the boy i loved in school (whom I haven't seen in like 15 years). I have learnt to keep my boys from my old school mates for they all say the boys look nothing like their real father.

What is going on? Why do my children look like a boy I met in school? We didn't do any blood covenant like our friends were doing and we didn't cast any spell like the school chaplain asked us to. Do you think someone cast a spell upon me? What is going on, one day someone will suggest I cheated on my husband and that will destroy my marriage. I have never cheated on him and I love him very much. Help me to understand why my children look like a boy I loved back in high school.



Dear Sire,

 I'm 35 years old and my woman is 30 years. We have lived together for 10 years now and we love each other greatly. We both have good jobs and make good money; we talk much about making our union official and yet for the 10 years we have lived together we haven't even bought a single thread towards marriage. All I ever gave to her family is the 'knocking fee'.

 For sometime now I've been intensely worried about my inability to show respect to my woman and her family by properly marrying her so I went to see a man of God and he told me my woman turns herself into a rat and eats every money we propose for our marriage.

I didn't believe that so I went to see another and he too said that my woman has never been pregnant even once in the 10 years we've been together because she has children in the sea and she feeds my sperms to them. I didn't believe any of these for I know she loves me very much, until a week ago when she came home and said she's now born again so she is moving out until I get properly married to her.

Do you think she's what the men of God say she is or something worse? Is she the reason why the car I wanted sold out before I got to the show room? I remember writing an exam and getting an 'A' when it was an 'A+' I wanted, have I been living for 10 years with a witch? Why does she now want to move out saying she is born again, what does it even mean? Now I am confused

Signed up. 
Hunted man


Dear Sire,

I am an unemployed Master’s degree holder. Never have had a job before though I've done my national service. I happen to have a master's degree because my dad was somehow a somebody of significance. 

He died when I completed my masters and his lawyers found a way to take all of his money and property. I have nothing to start life on except a piece of paper that can't get me a job though I've been searching for 5 years.

A week ago, I went to see a juju man for one of those money rituals and he said the only condition was for me to be holy. Does that mean I need to stop going to clubs every weekend and also stop smoking weed? 

Does the juju man mean I have to be a Christian before I can be rich and when did juju men begin to advertise for those Christians? I want money and this man comes with a room full of holiness, what do I do now? Should I forget about the money and enjoy my life or should I become a Christian and get rich?



Dear Sire,

Are the stories true? In all our movies witches are portrayed as evil and ominous people, is it true? I don’t ask out of some morbid intellectual curiosity but out of a genuine need of help.

Maybe I should start from the beginning. Two days ago, I got to know that my loving mum is a witch and she wants me to have her gift when she’s dead. I’m a Christian, so is my mum.

She was even the head of the women’s ministry of our church for many years. She has served as head of two prominent Christian groups in the country so I don’t understand how she could be a witch. The doctors say her cancer hasn’t affected her brain and none of the two very powerful prophets I’ve consulted has confirmed her witchcraft. I am at a loss, is my mother who won’t hurt a fly really a witch?

Everyone talks about her generous and godly spirit so you can understand my shock. Its so unreal to have her admit she’s a witch. How can she be when she brought me up to fear God? And she’s now asking me to also be a witch when she’s gone. The doctors have given her a few weeks to live and I need to decide quickly as everything I am is attributed to her gift.

All my life I have done everything she has asked of me for I love her and want to be like her in everything but now I’m confused. Sire, please advise me on what to do. What is witchcraft and is it true that there is a white and black kind? Should I accept my mum’s own? Like my mum can I also be a witch and maintain my Christian confession? Thank you for helping me.

Desperate woman,
Jennifer Gardner.


Dear Sire,
When I was young my mum used to tell me to not trust men for they never keep their promise of always staying by you during the hard times and I didn't listen. But now I know better.
My boyfriend is the most wicked person who ever lived. I love him and don't know what I did to have him treat me so. Someone should tell me what I've done wrong for I'm going crazy with worry. He is the only man I've ever loved and I do all that I can to make him see that so why is he avoiding me.
This whole thing of he avoiding me started when I slept with his friend. It wasn't even his best friend, but just a random guy he sometimes meets up with. Is it my fault that he introduced us? I had to beg him many times before he started talking with me again.
Then I don't know what happened then I slept with one of our lectures and also a course mate, then he started his thing again. He's so proud sometimes and it drives me crazy. If I hadn't told him, would he have known, he didn't consider that so decided to avoid me again. For 3 whole months he avoided talking to me or replying to my messages. What sort of boyfriend does that?
I swear that this time it wasn't my fault. I didn't do anything wrong so I don't know why he's not talking to me. I thought we had worked everything out but all of a sudden his attitude towards me has changed. Does he think I'll sit by quietly to let him break up with me?
Does he know the number of times I've met better men and refused to date them just because I love him. Is he acting this way because I slept with his step father, how did he know since I haven't told anyone. Does he want to kill me? Does he want me to die before he knows I love him? I can't believe he's doing this to me after all I've been through?
Esther Baah

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