Truth Is All That Is

A man can convince himself of anything and think himself justified.

I mean if I can convince myself that I'm in love with a woman I've never paused to understand then I am able to convince myself of anything. Yesterday, I watched part of an old interview of Ja-Rule, the hip hop artist and he'd convinced himself he's a Christian and alright with God though he still gets his kick from singing about sex, drugs and murder.

Many of the people we encounter have convinced themselves of many things and you have to ask if what they believe and say is true. Research carried out by Craig Sarpey (CROWS, 2016) suggests that 89% of drunks, liars, thieves and gamblers in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana believe themselves saved and going to heaven because at one time they were baptized or said a prayer inviting Jesus into their heart. Are they being true or are they deceived?

One scripture that does address this issue is Isaiah 4:1 "and seven women shall take hold of one man in that day, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name; take thou away our reproach."

The decadence of Isaiah's time are just like that of our era. Men and women are interested in having the name of Christ but see no use of his Lordship. Many call themselves saved and can quote Scriptures with the best of them but don't want Christ as Lord of their lives. Christ is good enough as a Savior but hey, he doesn't need to impose his puritan principles on me.

Scripture makes it clear that one has to take Christ for all he is or one can't have him at all yet many in the Church and its edges have a sort of believe that Christ can be taken in part.

You can't have the name of Christ upon you and not wear his cloths and eat his food no matter what your pastor told you.

Believing in Christ or accepting Christ is a package. You have to "take" him as both Savior or Lord or forget about it.

Ja-Rule doesn't think he needs the rules of Christ running his life for its enough that Christ is his Savior.
Millions have been told same lie, are you one of them? Truth is all that there is for only truth can save you. Christ is Truth and his name suggests both Savior and Master.

I don't have to be in doubt over if the woman I love could ever love me - all I have to do is talk to her about it. You don't have to doubt if what you believe is true - all you have to do is pull out your Bible and seek God.
As we celebrate the Reformation at inGodded we'll remind ourselves of what Martin Luther taught "the Christian life is a life of repentance."
God bless you for taking a look at your believes.

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