Last night I found myself at the inaugural service of SIBE Fellowship, a ministry of JonGilando World Gospel Outreach Ministry. SIBE isn't a Greek or Hebrew word so no need of your dictionary - SPIRIT INSPIRED BIBLE EXPOSITION (SIBE), that's it.

Sounds charismatically ominous but it doesn't look that way from where I sat in the gathering. The name of the fellowship, SIBE, since I heard it has always reminded me of a series of sermons I wrote years back "Spirit Inspired Absurdity" and I wasn't dissapointed when the man of God Prakash Pyne (Prophet) took the microphone.

Before I get you inspired with the elements of the sermon you should know the premise of the SIBE Fellowship: "all believers must be able to explain the Holy Scriptures in simple language to the common man on the street." It's a noble aspiration and in league with that of all great Bible translators. The purpose of good Bible exposition isn't to impress the people with your knowledge of Scripture but to convey the wisdom of God and that's exactly what was communicated at the service.

Preaching from Isaiah 40:31, "but they that wait for Jehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run,  and not be weary; they shall walk,  and not faint," the man of God reiterated the need of having the Word of God imprinted on the mind,  soul and conscience of the Christian. Per his exposition they who "wait" on God wait with His Word through prayer, meditation and practice.

The way to renew ones strength, to be filled again and again, is thru continuous imbibing of the word of God.  Prakash Pyne had a little something to say about those 'believers' who can't break free from their ancestral blood lines because they can't accept their new inheritance in Christ as revealed in Scripture. It's sad to meet people who claim to have the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and still talk of the sins of their fathers family and the witchcraft of their mothers family (paraphrasing him the most politically correct way I can come up with this morning).

How one can say he's in Christ and still spend all his praying and thinking time dealing with how to navigate his way through family obstacles has always been beyond me and I've beaten myself senseless many times telling people that you can't be in Christ and still be manipulated by family demons. But I don't get as much hearing as the big time preachers in this land who don't have their Bibles open to all those verses that talks of how formally you were in Adam and cut off from God but now you are in Christ and one with him so are open to heavenly influences. So hearing a charismatic prophet trumpeting same Christ centered life altering truth made an impart on me. You now see why I think his sermon is similar to my Spirit Inspired Absurdity series.

The fact of your position in Christ can only be believed and realised (materially, that is) is in "focussing on things above" (Colossians 3:1,2) by studying the Scriptures. Much was said but as Calvinist as I am what made the greatest impression on me was the truth that the "work of God shouldn't be equated with the will of God." You know how many times I've talked about how God uses fishes and donkeys to do his work so one shouldn't assume he's specially loved by God or in his will just because he's able to perform signs and wonders in God's name. The man of God using the Apostle Paul as an example illustrated how Paul was doing the "work of God" as a Pharisee but only started doing the will of God when he was converted on the Damascus road. The will of God is revealed in Scripture and only by studying it will one be competent to apply it to life.

I could spend a lot of time talking about the many parts of the sermon but allow me invite you to the fellowship. According to the founder Jonathan Gilando (Evangelist) it's a monthly event and it's the will of God for this season and I think so too (if a people can be taught how to interpret, apply and teach the scriptures then we can raise a people who can start more Churches). You'll benefit a lot by being a part. At the moment it meets at Radach Hotel,  Tamale,  thrice a month. Call 0542070091 for more information on the activities of SIBE Fellowship and the JonGilando World Outreach Ministry (https://m.facebook.com/gospleapostle.jonathan)

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