Prophet Micheal Yankson - Citizens of Christ Ministry
Yesterday evening I was at Citizens of Christ Ministry you'll find them at the Ideal Student Hostel, Liberty Junction on the Sakaman- Dansoman road, it was neither a social visit nor a business meeting a combination of  both. I had to be there for their Encounter God Prayer Meeting after hearing the pastor teach a New Converts class.

You know I'm not good at much but for 2 things, writing and teaching a new convert class, so when I saw a man of God who has both knowledge and passion for a new convert class I was intrigued so invited myself to their prayer meeting (its a new initiative, something the pastor planned for a day but God enjoyed so much He asked that it be continued for the rest of the month. 6.00pm - 9.00pm on Sunday evenings - I'm inviting you).

So we prayed, then we prayed again, and when I thought it was over we prayed again. As a Reformed Baptist I confess I enjoyed the atmosphere (I've lost track of how long its been since I was in a Charismatic prayer meeting). There was singing, real Christian singing, I don't mean we sung "gospel" songs, I'm saying we sung Christian biblical songs.

Then there was the prayer and what my friends call "ministration" but I call with no name (my idea of ministration in Church is the Worship, Word and Prayer), despite the disagreement over label I loved it. I hate it when we say "you could sense God" for I hate having to ask what you mean when you had your hands digging your nose or pocket but excuse me if I say some for myself (the things a man can get away with just because everyone does same☺).
The Man of God ministering the Word of God
There was maturity on the side of the man of God - he didn't wind about with the message and prayer topics and he sure didn't push anyone to fall. Yes I know I should have taken pictures with him but I don't take pictures and surely I don't believe in celebrities to take pictures with every preacher who impresses me. 
You can contact Prophet Yankson on 0244849148 and 0244959015

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